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Hard Results


If you're looking for the right talent to help your facility reach its full potential, we'd love to partner with you!

By using our proprietary Job Order System, we get to the core of the problem created by a vacancy, and use our extensive recruiting expertise and systems to find the right talent for your opening.

Oberg and Associates conducts searches under three different Search Models:

  1. Shared-Risk Searches
  2. Exclusive Searches
  3. Contingency Searches

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If you're looking to move to the next chapter in your career, Oberg and Associates would love to be a resource for you. 

Our first step when talking to a new candidate is not to pair them with whatever search we have on the board, but rather to learn everything we can about a person. By finding out about a person's background, technical abilities, leadership skills, personality, and future goals,  we can work to find the right fit for each candidate, instead of just the next stop.

Once in process, our team provides services to our candidates ranging from resume help, extensive phone and face-to-face interview preparation, and experienced counsel through every step of the process. 

​If you're looking for a new opportunity, take a look at some general positions we are working on!

Our Services

Our team brings value to all of our contacts the Corrugated and Paper Industries in a variety of ways: