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When Oberg and Associates started in 1996, there was no plan to expand and recruit in other, related industries. Frankly, Corrugated was enough to keep the small Oberg team busy. However, over years of working with corrugated companies that were vertically integrated, Roy would get calls from a Client's other divisions asking for help. 

For years, Roy turned down these searches in other industries, Oberg and Associates just didn't have the relationships, industry-specific knowledge, or infrastructure to be effective in those industries. 

Finally, after a call with a particularly disappointed industry friend that had moved to the paper industry, Roy realize he needed to expand.

Thus, Oberg and Associates expanded its way into the paper industry!


Today, a relationship-driven focus, and an incredible hunger for knowledge and understanding of the paper industry, have made Oberg and Associates a premier recruiting resource in the Paper industry, as well.

The Paper Division of Oberg and Associates may have come a little later to the party than the Corrugated side, but don't let that fool you, we bring the same level of Open and Honest Communication, Mutual Respect, and Hard Results to the paper industry every day.

We partner with companies of all size and paper products, ranging from:

  • Major Integrated to Independents (muti-site and single-site). 
  • Fully-Integrated Mills to small Converting Operations.
  • All Types of Paper: Specialty, Tissue and Towel, Containerboard, Newsprint, the list goes on.
  • Roles from skilled hourly technicians, all the way up to Corporate CEOs and Presidents.

Our Paper Recruiting Effort

Oberg and Associates, LLC

Hard Results

Contacts For Our Paper Division:

Mitchell Benkufsky, Search Consultant

Email: Mitchell@obergassociates.com
Phone: (972) 239-3315 Ex 5​

Kalman Kreitman, Director of Operations

Email: Kalman@obergassociates.com

Phone: (972) 239-3315 Ex 2