Contingency Model:

The Contingency Model is our base Search Model. As our client, you have no commitment to Oberg and Associates to use us exclusively, and only pay in the event that you engage the services of a candidate that we represent. 

However, the inconsistent nature of Contingency Searches means that a Contingency Search often consists purely of database matching, with little or no Researcher Resources. These searches also tend to have a very short attention window with firms as a result of neither side making a full commitment to the process. 

Across recruiting, Contingent Searches are closed under 20% of the time.


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Exclusive Model:

Under the Exclusive Model, the Client and Oberg and Associates agree that Oberg and Associates will be the only Search Firm on a given Search for a pre-determined time period.

The Exclusive Model is paid on a contingency basis, however the commitment to Oberg and Associates as the exclusive provider of talent will allow our team to find the right talent, instead of the first available.

‚ÄčThis commitment by the Client allows Oberg and Associates to place limited Researcher Resources on the search.

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Hard Results

Shared-Risk Model:
Under the Shared-Risk Model, the Client and Oberg and Associates have demonstrated a commitment to finding the best talent for your opening. 

This model begins with a fully refundable deposit, and as a result receives the highest priority in the office. A Shared-Risk, or "Retained"model, comes with a roughly 82% success rate, giving you the Certainty of Outcome you desire.

Shared-RiskSearches include all of Oberg and Associates' proven recruiting systems. These include, but are not limited to: Formal Weekly Status Updates, Full Candidate Submission and Background Reports, and Dedicated Researcher time and focus.