Oberg and Associates, LLC prides itself on building sustainable industry relationships through Open and Honest Communication.

Through Open and Honest Communication, our team is able to truly partner with, and be the best resource possible for, all of our industry contacts. 

Sharing over 45 years of combined Corrugated and Paper Recruiting Experience with our industries, our team is able to be more than just "Yes Men", and instead be true consultants to our Clients and Candidates. 

We encourage you to learn more About Us  and our company's history.

The Dominant Talent Acquisition and Consulting Resource for the Corrugated Packaging and Paper Industries since 1996.

Oberg and Associates, LLC has made it a point to treat everyone whose path we cross with Respect.

Over the almost two and a half decades our doors have been open, we've found that the best way to stay a productive resource for the industry is to treat our contacts as people first, client or candidate second.

This mindset allows us to show the kind of respect that we hope to be shown ourselves, and allows us to be a true resource to our industries.

We encourage you to Meet the Team, and get to know the people behind the Consultant titles.

We look forward to working to be a Respectful resource for your facilities and careers.

Oberg and Associates, LLC

Hard Results

The Oberg Team has been bringing Hard Results to the Corrugated and Paper Industries since 1996.

You don't survive as a small recruiting company that long unless you can consistently bring value to Clients and Candidates alike. 

This is done by truly becoming partners with clients and candidates across the industry, and getting to the core of the problem each side is trying to solve in their search.

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